Day 1 and 1/2

Still the 6th of July 2016

Basically im bored, and waiting to have dinner. So i thought i would just type. i really do hate it when im bored, i would usually go outside, watch youtube, or play video games. But today happens to be the day when i cant find anything to watch on youtube, im too ill to go outside and plus, its cold. And Lola is busy right now so i cant play video-games with her, i mean im video chatting with Lola right now, while typing this and she is checking of the stuff she needs for our school trip to Holland, and im typing while listening to her. Were basically in the same dilema… she is waiting to have dinner and so am i. im waiting to play roblox with her and so is she. And we are both incredibly, utterly bored.

So im going to tell you about the day when one of the ‘popular’ people, ill call her… hmmmmm…. i know… Ugly. Ugly has a case of ‘rude-i-itis’ this is when she isnt just popular, she is horrible and she actually thinks she is the queen. And the down-side to thinking your the queen, is not only that your mean but also that you might, possibly tend to be dumb and in Ugly’s case she is extremley dumb… im not trying to be mean, but she thought that it would be impossible to drive to Holland as its in Australia… she thought Holland was in AUSTRALIA! Well back to the story… One day ugly came up to me and Hermione, (while we were waiting to ask one of our teacher’s about spanish classes) and said, ‘how do people like you, you know the nerdy un-popular people think of people like me’ and honestly, i was a bit shocked but not surprised. ugly would obviously say that. So after she asked me this, i looked at Hermione and i said ‘ummmm i guess your okayyy’, this was obviously the wrong thing to say as she gave me the ‘death stare’ and walked away. Me and Hermione just laughed, but we both looked a bit worried, was ugly going to come and ‘beat us up’ after i called her okay??? Dont worry everything was fine and nothing happened.

But still, after you talk to someone and they get scared is it a compliment, or a issue that you need to stop? Is it really good for people to be afraid of you? And is it really good for people to think of you as horrible? As i garantee that Ugly knows what everyone thinks of her, but as she is popular it makes no difference, popular boys and girls still like her. What people like me think, doesnt even worry her. We are her ‘followers’. We make no difference.

But this isnt true… I promise.

So i dont really know how i think about this, does this happen to everyone at school, does someone who is ‘popular’ come up to and call you, straight to your face, nerdy and un-popular. Cause it does make you think why does no-one like me and why cant i be popular. I used to always think… I wish i was popular, and everyone liked me.

But now i dont care, as to me i am perfect, i feel great and now i dont care if im judged. i wasnt happy in year 7 or year 8, no one liked me. Lola used to hate me, i was hanging around the wrong croud who would bullie me daily, for example, it 1 and it 2 saying ‘five’s a croud’ too me, as I was hanging around Harriet, her other friend (who i will call Katy) and sadly it 1 and it 2. However i couldnt bring myself to realise that Harriet was drifting away, and we werent as close anymore. I didnt want to realise that if i left this group, the group where two people constantly made me feel terrible i would be alone. However one day i left, i was sick of it 1 and it 2 being horrible too me. Harriet wasnt too nice either, she found me annoying and one day she did say that she didnt want to be my friend, yeah i know… harsh. However she said sorry, she also doesnt like it 1 and it 2 anymore, and as im a forgiving person, i forgave her straight away. I know what it feels like to be sorry but not forgiven. Its horrible. However when i left, i felt alone untill i went to Lola and her other friend (I will call Daisy), i obviously didnt know that she hated me, but we started to become closer, and she fianlly realised that i wasn’t horrible so she didnt hate me anymore (obviously, who would like somone who is mean) and with her i felt happy, not judged and i felt comfortable around her, i could be myself and thats what made me happy.

When i went through the argument in year 8 (More to this in a future blog), Lola helped me through and now we are even closer, having a friend like Lola, someone who is completley fine with how you are, is one of the best things to have. Your life will be so much happier.

I honeslty dont know how this started from talking about Ugly and now to Lola, but im letting go, and spilling everything i wanted to say into this blog. Eventhough its wierd… sorry :D

Just so you know, dont worry about popularity, be yourself, i know many people have probably told you this already but i promise its true and it will help. Dont fake anything and if people around you are upsetting you then, move on. I promise you will be happier. You will make better friends, and they will fight for you, you will most likley have the wierdest, funniest times with them, you will make the best memories. (I know i sound like Gandhi, but he is an amazing person anyway, and what i did just type is true. Friendship is amazing)

Here is a message to Lola, as i know she will be reading this… she is the only person i have told about this blog: Dear Lola, hi… thanks for being awesome and not hating me anymore, im glad i dont have to pretend when im around you and i can look as ugly as i possibly can and you wont judge me. You seriously helped me so much in year 8, and you dont know how grateful i am. i love being your best friend with our wierd conversations… AH BUBU (dont ask) So thanks x

Im sorry to everyone who has actually read the whole things, as i know i went on a bit (again) but nevermind. Now you know that i can never shut up in real life, sorry to my friends about that.

(And again, sorry for any punctuation and spelling mistakes)

Hope you have a great day/night/morning/evening, wherever you are in the world.

Bye, from me.

~ x ~

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