New on the U.S shelves: Dry antiperspirants for your ‘modern’ armpits.

As a normal Brazilian born in the 80’s, I am son of the Hollywood cinema. I grew up thinking that in America everything comes first, that almost everything is created here, and I could find all solutions to my consuming problems in any supermarket. I learned that I was completely wrong about this premise.

Since my first visit to the U.S. in 2011, I have been looking for dry spray deodorant without success. I have run at Walmarts, K Markets, Targets, Walgreens, and nothing. I have never found it, in absolutely any grocery store, pharmacy, or whatsoever. By that time, I was just visiting, so 20 days using a stick antiperspirant would not hurt. Well, I ended up moving to Chicago in 2012. Now my armpits were in trouble without my dry antiperspirants, I thought so. How would I pass without the ones made for especially black clothes?

For 2 years, I was convinced that the U.S. regulations had forbidden the selling of dry sprays because it would be harmful for the environment. Is it too toxic? Maybe yes, maybe not. But there are so many other toxic sprays selling in the market, that it is difficult to believe in that reason.

I was kind of accustomed with sticks deodorants, the least bad thing in the market for armpits; however, every time a friend would come visit me, I would order a few dry sprays from Brazil. They cost an average of R$12 ($3 in today’s currency), about the same price as the sticks, but it’s better product in my humble opinion. I had about 5 friends coming, over the last year, with their luggage filled with several dry sprays. Can I say it? What a happiness to receive them at home. ☺

Today I don’t need to bother my visiting friends anymore. Unilever has finally made available dry antiperspirant in the market. I am safe again. Well, it seems Brazilians are happier with this new product than Americans. Reading this beauty blog from Yahoo, I got the sense that spray deodorant was distasteful. In fact, this article tailor made for selling the Unilever product is teaching prospective costumers how to use it. Weird!

I am enjoying seeing the approach that U.S ad agencies are presenting the product to costumers, including the massive commercials during the prime time. Unfortunately, the press has used the exactly same words to talk about the product, probably gotten from releases. Vide these articles at the WSJ and Fast Company. The distribution was not so effective though. Unilever launched the product at 2014’s Cyber Monday, on December 1st. I only could find it in Memphis first, then in Chicago in the beginning of the year. Anyhow, I collected some of the TV commercials to share with you. All of them are trying to teach you how to use the thing, like you cannot guess how to do it. Besides the lack of creativity on the advertising, I like the idea of finding them on the supermarket shelves. Finally.

Commercial for men:

Commercial for women:

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