That guy, he was always asking for money. On the same street he was always there, from dusk till dawn, I could not stand it. As I arrived every day to work, he was there, scaring clients away, always asking for money. What a guy! The situation was really bad, and there he was asking for any change anyone could spare. He knew I was always keeping an eye on him, but he pretended not to notice, and this was what got me the most. One day the police was patrolling the area, and soon I hid behind a door to see what happened. They took him away. At last!

Again the street was mine to ask for money.

Everything seemed to be hurried, most people were rushing and knew what they were doing. Across what appeared to be the backstage of the main hall, other two stood motionless and clueless.

Like me.

The plump monk came back to us and indicated that we drop our stuff in the cupboards. He then gave us a couple of cushions, three for me he said. He rushed us to the main hall. In a perimeter a elevated and elongated bench lied along three sides of the square structure. …

Brother Didier, the Cistercian monk who acted as head hospitaler at the abbey and who had a round complexion, asked me to sort the music for that days lunch. Or that’s what I had understood as my French wasn’t top notch and had to fill in for the words I couldn’t understand.

Oh well. I thought.

I wondered aimlessly for a couple of minutes until I decided to head the corner where the CDs where stored. Abbeys only have classical music and religious chants, and is something to be expected. …

As I laid on my bed, I couldn’t help to notice the speed to which my mind was rushing. Tons and tons of thoughts per second that couldn’t let me sleep. And then I started breathing and in no time I was deep a sleep.

Sounds easy right? Well not really.

Ruminating is a tricky activity, it fixes your mind to some thoughts and grabs you for as long as it needs to before you’re off to the next thought. …

These are a series of short stories I published a while back when my antics were high. In this short story, I reveal the intimate life of Gas couples with an excerpt of their daily ocurrences.

Mr. and Mrs. Gas lived at a perfectly pressurized, cozy and french style house. As part of the Gas Clan, they were envisioned as the perfect family and society looked up to them as a “model family”; in short the Gas’s were natural and well preserved.

One day however, Mrs. Gas noted that Mr. Gas was drinking a non pressurized beverage. She bursted into…

These are a series of short stories I published a while back when my antics were high.

You met U and U met You.

They both knew they were almost identical, but also were aware that there was something, a little something, that made them a bit different. So You went on with his life and U went about with hers.

They met every now and then, but never could figure what it was that made them.

U started to like You, and You liked U. And so they came together under the same roof. You and U.

After years and innumerable hours exploring each other, You and U had it. They finally had resolved the matter.

You are U.

And so they went with their lives, You and U.

Until one day, there was Him or maybe Her….

Startups have been here and there since the advent of civilization, I mean, no we didn’t call them startups back then, more like “wahumis”, but you get the jest. Today, for the first time ever and I say “ever, ever”, because it’s true, check somewhere, startups are trendy or have been for the past 20 years or so.

That’s weird though.

The main reason is that weird is a direct description of something that is out of the ordinary and a startup being trendy is that. Throughout our short human history, people just want to get on with it and…

Alejandro Echeverría

I write about tech and impact, life and nosense fiction. I am a Zen practitioner, a maker and was a waiter back in the day. Not so popular thoughts sometimes.

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