Assad Air Force Flights from Shayrat Fall by 60%

Tom Cooper writes at War Is Boring:

“There is only one way to gauge the effectiveness of the missile strike on Shayrat — the number of sorties the Syrian air force is launching from the base compared to before.

“Monitoring with help of first-hand sources, who provided information of condition of anonymity, and social media — including the Sentry Syria service — leaves no doubts as to the effectiveness of the U.S. strike. In the days before the missile strike, the Syrian air force conducted between 10 and 20 take-offs by MiG-23s and Su-22s from Shayrat every day.

“Since the Tomahawks wrecked Shayrat, this number dropped to between three and six take-offs by Su-22s only. Even four days since the attack, not one of the MiG-23s or L-39s formerly based at Shayrat has been seen again.”

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