Did Max Blumenthal Get $40,000 to Go to Putin’s Party?

Gen. Flynn, Putin, and Jill Stein

The Kremlin paid of General Michael Flynn roughly $40,000 to have dinner with Vladimir Putin at a December 2015 Russia Today gala according to The New Yorker. Max Blumenthal attended the same gala (you can watch him and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein together at the event here) but — in violation of Society of Professional Journalists’ (SJP) code of ethics — has never admitted the fact that he was paid or disclosed how much Kremlin cash he got.

Despite being the son of Washington insider Sid Blumenthal, Max just isn’t important enough of a political figure to be invited to the Putin table so he probably did not get the full $40,000 Flynn fee.

But perhaps Blumenthal has a different financial arrangement than Flynn did with the Kremlin, one that is ongoing.

An ongoing financial relationship between the Kremlin and Blumenthal would help explain the ‘coincidental’ timing of his attack on first responders in Syria which published just as Russia began bombing those first responders and the hospitals they work in. The timing of this article is even more ‘coincidental’ given that Blumenthal spent three years prior ignoring Syria in his Alternet articles.

An ongoing financial relationship would help explain how a journalist who resigned from Al-Akbar in 2012 in protest against its publication of bald-faces lies to bolster Bashar al-Assad’s regime ended up repeating the same kinds of lies during the Russian-regime assault on Aleppo.

The irony in all this is that Blumenthal is obsessed with trying to ‘out’ people he disagrees with like Charles Lister as shills of foreign governments and yet he himself is a shill having been paid by the very same foreign government as General Flynn.