#StandWithAleppo Goes to Gaza

On December 14, Hamas celebrated the 29th anniversary of its founding in the Gaza Strip and marchers from its military wing carried a sign reading “Aleppo Is Burning.”

Hamas not only supported the Syrian uprising but shared military knowledge it obtained from Lebanese Hezbollah with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) when the FSA fought Hezbollah and the regime at Qusayr in June 2013. In response, Iran cut off Hamas’ funding but this funding was restored once Hamas toned down its rhetoric on Syria in early 2014. And yet despite being forced into making a compromise with the Iranian regime — which is funding Assad’s crimes — Hamas has repeatedly condemned the regime and Russia for slaughtering people in Aleppo.

You would never know it from the writings of people who pimp Palestine as their professions like Max Blumenthal, Rania Khalek, or Asa Winstanley but the vast majority of Palestinians have opposed Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime ever since the beginning of the 2011 Syrian revolution and Hamas has been following their lead.

A more recent 2016 poll of Palestinians found the following:

  • “In light of the escalating conflict in Syria and the emergence of three main parties to the conflict, we asked the public for its view on the party it views as the more preferable or the one it views as the least harmful. The largest percentage (40%) chose the Free Syrian army, 18% chose Bashar Asad and his army, and 5% chose the extreme religious opposition, such as ISIS. 23% said they do not like any of the three parties.
  • “An overwhelming majority of 88% believes that ISIS is a radical group that does not represent true Islam and 8% believe it does represent true Islam. 4% are not sure or do not know. In the Gaza Strip, 16% (compared to 3% in the West Bank) say ISIS represents true Islam.
  • “79% support and 18% oppose the war waged by Arab and Western countries against ISIS.”

Based on the above findings, it is clear that the only party in the Syrian war that is more unpopular among Palestinians than Assad and his regime is the Islamic State (ISIS). Also worth noting is that only 18% agree with the ‘anti-war’ ISIS position of the Western Alt-Left.

So when you see allegedly ‘pro-Palestine’ slactivists Tweeting insults about Assad’s child victims like Bana Alaba, keep in mind that these clowns don’t represent the Palestinian masses, aren’t connected to the Palestinian masses, and don’t have a clue about the sentiments of the Palestinian masses. They too are keeping Palestinian voices silent and ignored.

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