Global Demonstrations to #SaveGhouta in 40+ Cities

Bashar al-Assad’s murderous campaign to re-take rebel-held Ghouta sparked global demonstrations in solidarity with the Syrian revolution the likes of which we have not seen since his forces re-took Aleppo in 2016. This post is an attempt to document the global explosion of solidarity with besieged Ghouta. Special thanks to @hopesarout who did most of the compiling.

Aalborg, Denmark
Amman, Jordan
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anaheim, USA
Barcelona, Spain
Beirut, Lebanon
Berlin, Germany
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Brussels, Belgium
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chicago, USA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Derry, Northern Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany
Genève, Switzerland
Gothenburg, Sweden
Idlib city, Syria
Istanbul, Turkey
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Liverpool, UK
London, UK
London, UK
Lyon, France
Machynlleth, UK
Malaga, Spain
Malmö, Sweden
Minneapolis, USA
Montreal, Canada
Munich, Germany
New York, USA
Paris, France
Poznań, Poland
Rome, Italy
Saõ Paulo, Brazil
Saarbrücken, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Strasbourg, France
Toulouse, France
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Washington, D.C., USA
Winnipeg, Canada
Wuppertal, Germany