Stop the War Only Focused on the U.K. — Except for Israel

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s call for mass marches on the Russian embassy to protest the Russian government’s illegal relentless air war on first responders and hospitals in Syria has been rejected by the Stop the War Coalition (STWC). As STWC’s vice chair Chris Nineham tried to justify his organization’s refusal to protest war crimes on the following grounds:

“[T]he reason for that is that our focus is on what our government is doing, because we can make a difference to what Britain does and we can make a difference to what our allies do and we have done to a certain extent. If we have a protest outside the Russian embassy it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to Putin and it would also actually increase the hysteria and jingoism that is being whipped up at the moment against Russia.”

Sounds reasonable enough — until you realize STWC routinely marches against Israeli war crimes and hails similar marches around the world even when they take place in cities of regimes that are outright enemies of Israel such as Iran. Published under the title, “From London to Tel Aviv, the world says stop Israel’s Barbaric Attack on Gaza” this report is a glowing account by the STWC website about marches all over the globe against Israeli war crimes:

“Saturday 26 July also saw demonstrations worldwide. From Tehran to Paris, Islamabad to Berlin, Jammu in India to Wellington in New Zealand, Singapore to Buenos Aires, Tunis to Seoul, from Durban in South Africa to Dublin in Ireland, from Oslo to San Francisco: hundreds of cities and towns in every continent all calling for an end to the attack on Gaza and a lifting of the siege.”

So Stop the War Coalition hails protests in Tehran against Israeli war crimes that take place with the approval of Iran’s viciously anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying regime but denounces protests against Russian war crimes when they take place in the West.

STWC’s highly selective internationalism goes a long way towards explaining why pro-war flags belonging to Hezbollah (a terrorist organization) and Bashar al-Assad’s regime are welcome at the group’s ‘anti-war’ demonstrations.

Anti-war in form, pro-war in essence.

World condemnation of Israeli war crimes is a good thing but world condemnation of Russian war crimes is a bad thing according to the horribly misnamed Stop the War Coalition. The truth is that STWC support plenty of wars and war crimes — it really just depends on who is perpetrating them.