Black Mirror S03E01 “Nosedive” — The Grim Reel Life Depiction of Our Current Society

Although the entire Black Mirror universe is a grim reflection of our reality, Nosedive depicts the current reality instead of the terrible future we might be heading towards. It shows a society governed by social rankings. Basically the Uber driver and rider ratings taken to an extreme.

Each character is driven to improve their social ranking in order to get priority in car rental queues, in airports and to get a discount while buying a home.

The most real application of the episode’s premise is the current feedback model of Uber. The rider/customer gets to rate his/her ride experience and the same goes on the driver’s end as well. This gratifying, gamified model keeps behaviors in check. Especially that of the driver’s since they are penalized heavily for a low rating by means of less no. of ride requests directed their way or by affecting their incentives.

The rest of our lives is not much different either. It may not be to the extend of being penalized, or at least penalties visible or observable to us. Statuses, tweets and comments are meticulously typed so as to not attract the wrath of the dreaded Grammar Nazis. It’s also generally frowned upon and draws embarrassment. Photos are uploaded with well-articulated captions.

Likes, shares, retweets, favorites, views, subscriptions — this is nothing but sign of the want of social appreciation. The path clearly leads to what Nosedive accurately depicts.

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