Only Writers I “follow”

Thank you, Tom, for writing this. It didn’t just say what needs to be said in this rush for publishing bland words, it, along with all the responses it got, has also provided me with a list of some amazing writers I need to follow.

Here are the few writers I admire —I look out for and cherish every post they publish.

Lizella Prescott — For her unmatched creativity in every story she tells

Zac Chapepa 💫 — For his uncommon way to drive the story — to surprise

Ernio Hernandez— For the fluency, the clarity of thought, in each post he writes, fiction or non-fiction.

Gloria DiFulvio — For her unique voice — her every story leaves me affected

alto — For his exceptional wordplay that he has mastered

Tom Farr — Of course, for your expert storytelling

And now I have these recent follows that I look forward to read from, thanks to all the recommendations - Iszi Black, Jeff Elkins, Shawn White, Gary Rogers, Nitin Dangwal.

Each one here is a master in his or her own way— and every story that they pen inspires me, drives me to be a writer. Thank you.

A mind full of thoughts — occasionally pour them as non-fiction. A mind full of stories — occasionally serve them as short fiction.

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