Still, there’s a trend, whether it’s an internal change or reinventing a new feature — all the new updates have one thing in common: They’re new reasons to never leave the app.
How Facebook is slowly eating the rest of the Internet
Washington Post

Where’s the Search Engine?

However, making users stay in, “never leave”, the app may not be really great for Facebook if the users either stay muted spectators or news guzzlers. It really does not help Facebook if they take away the very reason people flocked the place to begin with — a place where you connect with friends.

If the timeline, the lifeline of Facebook, gets muddied with too many features copied or inspired from other apps, the value of personal posts will go down — an effect that has already started becoming apparent according to some reports.

If Facebook wants to become “the” Internet, it needs to accept the fact that Internet is a bloated mess —you need a search engine to make any sense of it.

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