Now, Multitask with iOS 9 and a lot

With the release of iOS 9, developers as well as users can effectively leverage some key enhancements in the form of built-in apps for everyday use like messages, mails, maps, notes, web browsing and many/ much more. Multitasking finally makes its appearance with the release of iOS 9, besides numerous improvements under the hood. Here is a sneak peek into the latest enhancements available with iOS 9:

  1. Switching between apps has become smoother, with enhanced load time and less lag, specifically on older devices like the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or iPad
  2. Swapping or launching applications on iOS devices is also faster. Double tap the home button to pull up the new interface or use a four-finger upward swipe on your iPad device to pull up the new app switcher window.
  3. As context becomes more important than ever, Apple’s virtual assistant Siri too gets some enhancements. Answers to search queries have become more proactive and contextual, presenting users with the advantage of accessing even more search results, which are curated based on the app usage routine.
  4. The proactive search feature further allows users to view the most frequently talked to contacts, suggests apps that are triggered by routines and might even offer intelligent suggestions to users on what they might want to do next. All of these suggestions are triggered even before the user asks for them!
  5. Spotlight search gets better with iOS 9. Users can now lookup results from within apps when they type their search queries into the search bar. Additionally, people can also view interesting places to visit in their vicinity or see news items depending on what they are currently reading in the Apple News app. This feature is available only in select regions though.
  6. Another key enhancement in the latest version of iOS is its optimized battery life. Devices running on iOS 9 are equipped with a new low power mode, which automatically reduces data usage while triggering other settings to extend the battery life of the device.
  7. Perhaps the biggest and most interesting update on the iOS 9 is the ability to multitask on iPad devices. With features like Slide Over, Picture in Picture and Spilt View, exclusively designed for iPad devices, productivity no doubt is set to reach new levels.
  8. Security also gets better with the latest upgrade. Instead of the standard 4-digit password, the devices now require a 6-digit passcode as input, considerably minimizing the risks of cracking the password.
  9. Saving links, documents or maps has never been easier with the Notes app that now allows users to save or add attachments from any app they wish to. — turn lists into checklists, add photos or create doodles. The attachments browser organizes everything that is saved to Note.

These new upgrades and improvements to the latest version of the operating system are no doubt aimed at enhancing the productivity as well as efficiency at work and they do score over their earlier counterparts. However, if you still have doubts over whether or not to implement these features into your iOS apps, you can enlist the services of an iPhone app development company. App developers in the iPhone app development company always ensure that they design as well as develop apps based on the latest technological advancements.

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