Stressed because of your overstuffed wardrobe? We’ll help.

Apr 30, 2017 · 4 min read


Now that is a sticky wicket.

Do one thing. First, take it all out. Just lay it on your bed. Now, one by one, go through each item, and ask yourself these three questions:

(Assume this is the first time you are seeing it, so having worn it before is neither relevant nor applicable)

  1. Would I wear it if I am going out with friends?
  2. Would I wear it to office?
  3. If I was buying it today, would I still buy it?

If the answer to all 3 questions is a NO, toughen up and put it away.

You are getting rid of all these clothes. But don’t throw them away. We will tell you what to do with them later.

It is quite possible that there are items which you would wear just to office, or just for a casual evening with friends, so 1 No (or even 2 No’s) is fine. But if all 3 are No, you are NOT putting it back in the wardrobe.

That should take care of freeing up a good percentage of your wardrobe. Feeling better already? Well, we have got more.

Now, with what you are left with, evaluate them on these questions:

  1. Are they still trendy?
  2. Will I be wearing them in near future?
  3. Are these in great condition?

If the answer to Q1 and Q3 is a YES, but your answer to Q2 is a No, you are in luck. dressrs can help you out.

Survey shows that almost all women have 40% of their wardrobes filled up with great dresses and other outfits, which they don’t wear very often.

We, at dressrs, call this the idle wardrobe.

Why is an idle wardrobe a bad thing?

  • It takes up space in your wardrobe, just sitting there. You are not even wearing it.
  • It makes you feel guilty, counting all the money that you spent on buying it all.
  • It makes it near impossible for you to shop more. After all, there is only a limited space in your wardrobe and if it is occupied by things you are not wearing, you are taking away space from items you would have actually worn.

No matter how much and how frequently you shop, more than 60% of what we buy adds up to our idle wardrobes, and we have a solution for that.

dressrs empties out your idle wardrobe

If it is:

  1. Trendy
  2. Stylish
  3. In great condition

If it is all that, we would take it off your hands. You would still own the dresses, it is just that you won’t need to overstuff your wardrobe with them. We would store them away at our end.

What would we do with it?

  • We catalogue it and promote it to our consumer base.
  • If a consumer is interested in wearing it, she can rent it off of us.

Wait! What? You are renting out my clothes?? What do I get in return?

You just got your wardrobe free of clutter. You still want more? Fine!

Every time an item is rented off of us, a percentage of the order value is paid as ‘merchant’s earnings’ to the person who originally owns the outfit.

Yes. You heard right. We are going to pay you for clothes that are lying idle in your wardrobe for weeks and months.

Yes. Soon you will be counting the money.

One thumb rule while leasing out your outfits to us

Don’t shift your deadweight by giving garments that you know people would not be interested in. You earn when your items are rented out. Would your friend ask you to borrow the outfit you’re holding in your hand right now? If the answer is yes, call dressrs. If it is no, put it away.

Spread some cheer

Okay. Those clothes you had put away, there is a way out for them. They are of no use to you, but they could really put a smile to someone else out there. dressrs has joined hands with a number of NGOs that make sure the underprivileged get clothes during the ungodly harsh weather conditions. Now, that is a cause to support, isn’t it? We will help you out with the process.

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