How I broke free of my broken bedroom door handle — and how you can too

This is my bedroom doorhandle. I hate my bedroom doorhandle.

I hate my bedroom door handle because I spent pretty much a full hour trapped in the room because of it last night.

First, here’s how I got out. And second, how I ended up there in the first place.

How to get out of your room if you are stuck in it and the door won’t open

First off, the important thing that I really wrote this post to share (and that the thousands of results for variations on “broken door handle stuck”).

If everything else has failed, you could well be able to escape from the room by sticking a coat hanger behind the latch, push it open and open the door.

This is similar to the “credit card trick”, where you’re essentially pushing the latch back into the door so that it’s not stuck in the little hole. But you’re doing it from the other side of the door, by hooking the coat hanger round.

Here’s me doing it on an different, though identical, door:

Hopefully you’re free of the door now.

How I ended up stuck behind a door that wouldn’t open

The spring in the door handle broke. I then sat for nearly an hour, trying to get it open, until I got the coat handle trick.

Initially I googled. They mostly said to try and get rid of the pins in the hinges — but I think that’s an american thing, because you can’t really get the pins out on ours.

Then I texted my dad. But he wasn’t around to reply.

Then I thought seriously about trying to jump out of the window. But our back garden is closed off, so I would just be stuck outside rather than inside.

Then I sat and look at the door for a while.