India has seen an incredible surge in the adoption of wallets as a payment instrument in the recent past. It all started as an endeavour to reduce the friction in the painful experience of making online payments in India — courtesy the 2 factor authentication through OTP. As e-commerce and other online transactional services started to grow, alongwith a significant uptick in smartphone adoption — the OTP issue had taken centre-stage amongst the problems plaguing online commerce in India.

The situation was ripe for multiple startups to stake a claim in this opportunity of “making payments seamless”. And thus, arose…

Setting up your online store is hard. Like really hard. There’s a world of things that go into setting up your inventory, creatives, stores, coupons, analytics, CRM, payments, offers— all that, and then some more. We at UrbanPiper have singularly focused on making the task of setting up your online store as simple as possible. It would take you merely a week or two to have a compelling experience like this or this or this. …

As part of an online delivery experience for a restaurant, one of the most critical parts is to determine whether the customer placing an order is doing so from a location, which can be delivered to.

Delivery radius — circle of delivery

A simple solution to address this problem is to have the latitude/longitude of the store and then define a delivery radius around it. When the customer enters her address, determine the lat/lng of the address and then use Google's wonderful APIs to determine whether the distance of the customer's delivery address is greater than the delivery radius defined for the store.

This solution while…

The last month has been pretty hectic for the engineering team, and we have some really cool features to showcase for the effort put in.

Here’s the list of the important features and enhancements we released.

New payment options

In our effort to provide a wide array of options for merchants to choose from when it comes to payments, we have integrated with the following gateways. These payment options can be easily configured through the Quint (CMS/CRM) dashboard.

Instamojo — Instamojo has been around for quite some time and have done some incredible work with SMEs. They have upwards of 1 million merchants…

There are a million ways to run a company, and there is no right way to do it. It’s only the belief in a set of values and principles that define what is RIGHT for you.

There has been a significant shift in attitude from the time we started. Back then, we just wanted to focus on building the most kickass/cool product. But today, we are trying to focus on three essential tasks: Creating The Right Work Environment, Building The Right Product and Giving The Right Support to our Clients.

This is the thing with growth. As you grow, you…

It’s taken us all of a year and a half to get such a simple, and yet so formidable a task, like creating a functional blog off the ground. It would be fair to say, that to qualify this effort as functional would be a bit far-fetched as of now. But well, a worthy start it is.

At this point in time (last week of 2016), it’s interesting to look back and jot down the things we did — a bit of good, a bit of bad, a bit of both.

We found renewed purpose in a new direction —…

Anirban Majumdar

I build things at UrbanPiper. I’m learning how to scale a startup.

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