Pick the Davids, not the Goliaths!

Image credit: Jeff Larson

David vs Goliath was not an underdog story. David was the right person for the job and his choice of weapon, was absolutely perfect!

Fighting Goliath in a hand to hand combat, would have been suicidal. David beat him by being smarter.

He was an Archer whereas Goliath an infantry soldier. Archers beat Infantry, like paper beats rocks. Every time.

David was not an underdog; along with his slingshot, he was the right man for the job.

“No one gets fired for hiring IBM”

Hiring a “Goliath” vendor, for a project which many Davids can do better, only guarantees safety for the person taking the decision and mostly results in failure from the organisation’s perspective.

Today, organizations need their leaders to be courageous in hiring the right people for the job, even if that means not hiring the Goliaths of the world.

Hiring the right people is the key to success!

Risk mitigation

Another key responsibility of a leader is to mitigate various risks to the business.

Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital repeatedly says, “Failure comes from a failure to imagine failure!”

If you identify various points of failure, you can prevent them from happening and at least not fail!

Eliminating points of failure automatically increases chances of success

Goliaths don’t think about their weaknesses and rarely internalize their blind spots. And that is exactly where they get hit.

Hiring a “David” may seem risky, but it is textbook risk mitigation!

If you’re an underdog, bring forth your Davids!

All organizations are fighting either against dominant or disruptive forces in their industries. Fighting to your competitors’ strengths is foolish. You need your Davids to step up and hit those blind spots!

Winning is everything. To win, one needs to be better than others. But if the rules of engagement put you at a disadvantage, feel free to change the rules!

Pick your archers. Hire the Davids!

Closing with one of my favorite quotes,

“If you do what others’ are doing, you’ll get what others’ are getting”

It’s time. Change the game!