Startup lessons from @GameOfThrones

What can startup founders learn from Jon Snow? One can argue that he knows nothing. But, it's not what he knew, rather what he did :)

He failed many times

Lost many battles, got caught by the enemy, couldn't save his commander, couldn't keep his vows, lost his cool on the battle field & nearly lost the battle and of course he died once!

Deader than dead

But like all good startup founders, he kept going. He failed many times over and always came back to fail some more. Sh*t, he even came back from the dead!

Lesson 1: Keep going, never give up!

James Clear and Vani Kola have written great articles on Lesson 1:

He learnt from his mistakes and experiences

Hard skills like battle tactics, soft skills like relationships with Wildlings (who helped him out later) and knowledge about White Walkers — He learnt them all. And then took better & informed decisions based on his experience and learnings.

Lesson 2: Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat .
It's ok to be afraid. He had good advisors to get him going again.

It was only when his body re-started — all thanks to the Red woman — that he felt broken and afraid. That was when he was in need of some mentoring, which was ably provided by the Onion Knight, who correctly told him not to be afraid of failing; to go and fail again.

Read Andy Dunn’s below article, makes you realise how good mentors can help you become a better founder and a good person.

And of course Jon had Ned Stark,

“There’s no shame in fear, my father told me, what matters is how we face it.” –Jon Snow

All good startup founders would tell you that there’s no shame in being nervous or afraid. It only means that you are not stupid and you appreciate the risks. 
By seeking advice from your mentors from time to time, one will definitely become a stronger and capable leader.

Lesson 3: It's ok to be afraid. Good mentors will help you get through tough times, give sound advice, provide encouragement and help you become a better leader.

So be like Jon Snow.

Just don't die. We may not have a red woman in our world :)