Do you need your own website in 2017?

Social Media platforms now offer such a wide variety of tools and mediums I’m already adjusting how I look at what makes the most logical sense for me to use in blogging and work…

Twitter — short form, interact with others incredibly easy. Find information and trends quickly.

Medium — can be a blog platform and also short form for expression. Fills any gap you need for written content.

Facebook — social interaction, create pages for engagement and present information. Use as messaging service, no emailing required. Obtain feedback and ratings from followers.

Instagram — supplemental to facebook, but works great in tandem. context here is all visual storytelling. esay egagement and dm capabilities.

Youtube — audio and visual powerhouse. you can #vlog, you can write a show, make a movie, go live.

Soundcloud — provide audio content in radio esque format. The best time saving of all because it can be done while commuting.

Moral of the story is you in no way need your own website to get things accomplished as a business or personal creative. Leverage all of the above very well and you’re not missing anything for content. Do not copy past to all platforms. Context is incredibly important.