For the past few months, I’ve been reading about minimalism. Mostly from The Minimalists. I love the concept of it. The past year for me mentally has felt a bit stressful. Yes, there’s been a ton of great things that have happened and tons of things I’m grateful for, but overall there’s been this bit of stress and slight depression I’ve felt. Most of which, I feel, is directly related to where we’re living.

It’s a town home apartment with 2 1/2 windows. None of which bring in sunlight due to how the building is built. The walls look ugly cause every wall has a different shad of tan. And not in a creative way. Just in a “we’re too cheap to paint the walls the same color”. And of course, they won’t let us paint the walls ourselves. It smells a lot in there too. If you turn on the A/C or heater, this terrible smell comes out. We also have mice issues. For a while, we couldn’t keep fruits or vegetables out. The list goes on. And yes, the apartment management and owner is terrible. Just to give you an idea of how bad, their way of fixing the mice problem was to cover the hole they were coming in from with a paper towel and masking tape.

Those problems aside, we have way too much space in that apartment. Now, that might seem like an odd complaint, but I feel that it’s made us all lazy. We just started storing a ton of shit “just in case”. Most of these things we don’t use or don’t remember exist.

After reading about minimalism, I felt I would make the effort to do what I can, to become a minimalist for myself. It was nothing I wanted to force upon my partner, Amanda.

A few weeks ago, an exciting thing happened. After weeks of searching, we found an apartment to move into!

We had a few requirements when searching.

1. It needed to be in our price range.
2. Needed to be a 2 bedroom. It’s time Ethan got his own room.
3. It must have a shit ton of sunlight and white walls.

This place met all those requirements we had. Rent is even a few bucks less than we set our budget for! Only thing… It’s smaller and doesn’t have much storage space. This meant, we had to start downsizing our stuff.

We spent one evening last week going through our bedroom and got rid of a lot of stuff. It felt really good. And to my surprise, Amanda felt really good. It was like this little bit of stress was lifted from us.

A few days later, Amanda asked me what my thoughts were on trying an experiment of getting rid of the TV for a while. Just to see how it feels.

I was on board.

So, two days ago, I packed it up along with the DVD player and put in a storage room at my dad’s. That way, if we want to bring it back, we totally can.

As odd as it sounds, the past two days without the TV, has felt a little less stressful. I really like the idea that it’s gonna free up some of our time. It’s gonna force us to talk to each other while we’re eating dinner together. Cause yes… we totally Netflixed and ate dinner together. Without a TV, we’ll have to find other ways to spend our time. Which in my case, will be to focus on things that matter to me. Things I want to do. Things I’m passionate about. Hell… I’m writing this!

Now, I’m not saying that we won’t stop watching TV all together. However, instead of just vegging out in front of the TV, we can now make a conscious decision to watch something on Netflix if we want to. Perhaps even for a date night. It’s all of a sudden gone from something we unconsciously do, to something we intentionally do.

We don’t move into our new apartment for a few more weeks, but I’m excited to see how minimizing more of our things changes the way we live and focus on things moving forward.

If you’re feeling a bit stressed or depressed or like you can’t get much done, you should try putting your tv away for a while.

We’re only two days in, but so far, I feel like it was a great decision.

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