I Hope They Even Know Who Phife Dawg Is
Paul Cantor

This is why you’re one of my favorite writers. You touched upon most of the things I had thought about whenever an artist passes away. We lost Sean P, and now Malik Taylor. It’s a huge loss for hip hop, but this generation of fans probably never heard of or bumped any of ATCQ Classic tapes, and probably never heard of the artist nor the group (as a matter of fact — almost similar to the N.W.A scenario when the movie came out). Hell, most of my friends don’t even know who Dilla was! That’s one of the main reasons why I chose to study in Michigan, the underground hip hop scene in Downtown Detroit, the DJ-Ing, the MC-ing, graffiti, and b-boying. All the elements of hop hop in every corner. In the streets, abandoned places, the heart of the city.. It’s truly riveting.

On another note, I believe Hip-Hop should be a standalone course that should be taught at a high-school level and offered as electives in college. I would like the future kids that will be born to know about the influencers who have progressed this genre, this lifestyle forward. I want my sons and daughters to know that we lived at a time when we had artists like Kendrick Lamar Jermaine Cole, and Drake who impacted the culture and — All whome are carrying the torch and/or keys to their cities) and making their idols proud.

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