An Infinite Place of Possibilities

Why I chose this topic:

Think of Twitter. What’s the first thing that pops into your head? For me, it’s what’s the latest news. What is trending and how many retweets does something have. Basically, what’s “in”. And just like Twitter, the internet is a place of infinite possibilities.

I know that my life like the life’s of others is revolved around my iPhone and the internet. While many live their lives this way, others see this as something horrible that will only ruin us in the long run. When they think of the internet they think of this whole new world, from which can come no good. But what if looking at the negatives, we look at the positives? Like the fact that social media, such as Twitter, is creating a whole new culture and ways to think.

Research regarding this topic:

The internet is something that our society sees as second nature. It becomes a whole new world where we not only learn how to think differently but we also learn how to take different types of aspects of a situation into consideration. It’s a way to receive news in a whole new way, and it creates a community whether it be new friends or new supporters etc.

And because of the in-class use of social media, a new culture can be built. As Quentin Hardy explains it in “Wasting Time on the Internet? Not Really” a poet and conceptual artist from the University of Pennsylvania, Kenneth Goldsmith, saw it as a way for his students to become more creative together. Describing it as “continuity with earlier great thinking” in other words, it provides us with a whole new way to think, filled with different opinions and ideas. Many can argue that the internet in fact is making us dumber, but as Kenneth Goldsmith describes it, “an educated person in the future will be a curious person who collects better artifacts”. I agree with Goldsmith because at the end of the day anyone can read a book and collect information, but to collect something and apply it to your everyday life is something completely different.

Another blog that I read, “The Internet Helps Teenagers with Social Relationships” talks about how the internet is a beneficial way to communicate and form relationships that one wouldn’t think of in person. The blog describes these “high-quality relationships” as a way to promote happiness in our lives. And just like Goldsmith found out in his class, the internet actually brings young teens together not only to form friendships but it unites them and has them thinking as one.

An advanced way to think: Thinking 101

Instead of thinking of the internet as something that can potentially ruin us in the long run, let’s look at the benefits it brings us now. It is a whole different community which whom we can interact with. Whether that is making new friends or getting subscribers and supporters of your videos or blog posts. It is a way to receive news and get the different types of perspectives and opinions of others, and it all around is a whole new way to think. It allows you to think critically without necessarily getting judged for it.

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