5 Tips to Help You Get Through UFs College of Journalism and Communications

Usually when I tell people that I study Journalism they automatically think that I have it easy. That is far from the case. Just like every other student studying medicine or engineering or literature you have to put in the work to get what you want out of it. Being apart of the College of Journalism and Communications may sound glamorous but there are a few things you should know that should help make your time studying somewhat easier.

I conducted an independent, unofficial research and put together an infographic of five tips that I thought every UF J School student should know and do. Since I am discussing the College of Journalism and Communications, I thought that J School students would know better than anyone what it takes to survive that place. I interviewed Amber Dames and Hana Dawood to get insight on what they thought were good tips students should know. They are both telecommunication students at UF. I also contributed my personal knowledge to the infographic. Dawood contributed the idea of personal branding. Dames contributed networking and getting enough sleep and I put forth the importance of fact checking and rewriting.

When I started the J School there wasn’t a sheet given out at preview with the “dos and donts” but, I wish there was. This infographic is meant to help incoming and current J School students to succeed.

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