The Gods haven’t left us.

I stood on the third mainland, contemplating suicide once more. The pain I’ve held for so long, has become Intolerable It’s time to quit. The lagoon calls to me, the waves slowly dull my senses and firmly puts in me its grips, inviting my ill-advised visit and I jump. The lagoon welcomes me like a long lost son and firmly grasps me in its depths. As the cold blankets me I hear her.
Omi ni ile re.


Its 3pm in Lagos and the hums of the numerous generators welcome me, as I wake up from the third lucid dream I’ve had this week. I whisper to myself “Bami you need to stop smoking Igbo, ah wtf”. These dreams have become increasingly vivid per dream and I begin to dread the next one. As I turn onto my left side, ripples of shock course through my veins as I fail to recognise the woman casually reading the notes detailing my dreams beside me. “You have detailed notes” she uttered, also there’s no need to grab the knife you keep under the bed she said while stretching her lithe body. I recognized the voice that last spoke to me in my dreams, shivers of fear loosen my muscles and i turn towards the door, she hummed a word that stopped me in my tracks duro! And I was halted in my tracks. “Who are you” I uttered through my clenched teeth. ‘’You can call me Yemoja or for short Yems” I start laughing hysterically due to the absurdness of this scene, “So you you’re telling you’re the yemoja, next thing you’ll tell me shango is alive” I said between laughs. Her eyes darken as she took in my meaning, “I can turn you into ogi, I can wipe half of this local government without batting an eyelash, don’t call me a liar boy”. An aura of invincibility mixed with hints of my death permeates the air and I relinquish these jokes “Okay I believe you, what do you want with me O iya awon eja” she giggled and her eyes brighten, “nobody has called me that in years, you know your Yoruba folklore, well it isn’t folklore because it’s all true, and you’re an orisha one who doesn’t know his abilities albeit a powerful one, probably be as strong as me one day” she said. Before I begin the next bout of laughter, my door shatters under the force of a blow so powerful, it pushes me over. They come in, garbed in darkness so dark its blinding, they could be only be described as demons in human clothing, eyes lacking iris, sclera the color of death, They walk in formation into my room. “God killers in Lagos, when did this start?” Yemoja uttered while still reading my notes, I noticed the lack of concern in her voice. The lead god killer utters in its guttural voice “we no come for you and we come for him” and he points a finger to me “but if you enter this we go kill you too’’ he said menacingly. She drops my notes and places her feet on my floor and says “you come to Lagos without my explicit permission, break his door and threaten me, he who looks for death will find it one day and you’ve found yours”. The atmosphere becomes tense as she stares at these killers, and I watched in anticipation of the inevitable violence, then one of the demons shifts toward me, so fast he becomes a blur, and I welcome death,still it doesn’t come. I open my eyelids and see Yemoja snapping his wrist like a twig and pounding him to floor with so much force, cracks open on the walls behind me and I close my eyes again as movements blur once more, still I find myself listening to the sound of bones snapping and of holes being opened in walls. I open my eyes and see my room in shambles, I see the god killers ripped apart and blood streaks everywhere. Right in the middle of this carnage I see Yemoja standing with blood dripping from her fingertips, In front of her I see a beautiful young god killer kneeling in defiance to death, Yemoja breaks out of her reverie and asks me “should I kill her?” peacefully and I stare into the godkillers eyes and I ask “what’s your name? and do you want to die?” She looks back at me and says “I’m Shade and I don’t want to die" she said breathlessly. “Well don’t kill her then” I tell Yemoja. “Then she has to come with us, she’s young and has enough potential to rival you, also I’m not in the habit of returning dangerous weapons to my enemies” she replied while trying to squeeze blood out of her hair. “But I didn’t say I was coming” I smiled as I said these words and she flashes me a glare reminiscent of the one I saw minutes ago, I begin to hunt for my trousers in the rubble. “ I’m dying in two years and the both of you are going to replace me” she said as she open a portal looking kind of thing in my room and we stepped through.

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