Race-Orientation Connection: A Quick Thought For Christians

It’s been all over the news lately:A dude thinks he’s a woman, ergo, he’s a woman. A white girl thinks she’s black, ergo she’s a bigot.

At least, that’s the overall view of the media. Here’s what Christians are saying:

Wait, wait wait!!! If Jenner is a woman, Dolezal is black! Come on, people!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for calling out the inconsistencies of the media, but we need to remember as blood-bought Christians saved by grace, that we need to be a cut above the rest; and that includes how we interact with our minds. If we are to love the Lord with all our minds (Matthew 22:37), then perhaps we should use our minds to the glory of God. This includes us being consistent in our thinking.

Here’s my issue with the constant bantering of Christians recently…

We have been accused of being the moral equivalent of racists because we believe in the biblical notion of marriage as a union of one man and one woman for life. We have developed our apologetics against this kind of argumentation, and we have ensured that we know how to tell people that race is not the same as sexual orientation, and to oppose the marriage of same-sex “couples” is not the a distinction in the same category as interracial marriages (unless you’re a kinist… in that case, repent, please).
Yet, even with this distinction firmly placed in our minds, we engage the culture war online, suddenly excited to have what we think is the moral high ground, and we start screaming before the neurons of our brain have a chance to even interact with one another. It’s not really our fault, Facebook makes us stupid! Even so, stupid facebook-er, you are to love the Lord with your mind.

So what’s the big deal? On the one hand, Christians are shouting from the rooftops that proposition A and proposition B are not to be compared lest we make a category error. Yet, when the liberal media gets in a tizzy over proposition B less than a month after celebrating proposition A, we think that we’ve got the smoking gun.

No, Christians. We don’t. Our smoking gun is not pointing out the liberals’ inconsistency that is actually our own inconsistency. Our smoking gun is God’s eternally ordained purpose for the coupling of male and female in the institution of marriage.

How about we stick to that? Instead of making our arguments based on the tabloid de jour, let’s ensure that we are grounded in the truth revealed in Christ, and the message of Scripture.

Let us strive for timeless argumentation, rather than timely argumentation. One is infallible, the other is often inconsistent when we don’t even know it.


Let me clear one thing up: I’m not seeking to justify either Jenner or Dolezal. I’m not saying that one is dishonest and the other is honest. While I don’t see any problem with darkening skin (it’s basically extreme tanning), I do see a problem with lying about what your ethnicity is, just as much as orientation. However, it seems like social media has been abuzz with the fact that both people identify as something they’re not, and the connection is drawn between race and sexual orientation, and not the common denominator of lying.