Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

We live in the age of Social Media, if you’re not involved then not only are you not ‘hip’ but you’re also missing out on massive marketing opportunities. With the hospitality industry relying more on word of mouth and reviews from loyal customers, it is only natural that one of the best marketing tools available is social media.


The speed and reach that social media provides for marketing and promotion is unrivaled, often allowing businesses an avenue to engage with previously untapped clientele. It also presents businesses an easier way to have clear and open communication with its clients.
 Content marketing is becoming one of the most powerful trends in the marketing world. Blogs for example, are the perfect platform in which you can deliver fresh and engaging content to potential guests. Got a new offer coming up? Create a blog around the offer and gauge the reactions. Blogs also tend to be much more detailed than the short social media posts which are often posted on Facebook and Twitter. However, these short social media posts used on Facebook and Twitter are a great way to distribute a new offer or information while also hooking new potential customers.

The evolution of social media from being a peer to peer communication channel, to allowing businesses to engage directly with potential clients, has opened the door to new possibilities. Guests can now independently advertise the hotel via ‘check-ins’ at the location and by pictures they upload onto Social Media. Potential customers are more likely to trust the reviews and opinions of past visitors who’ve experienced the guest journey for themselves. In doing this effectively, a property can enlist guests as an advocate for their brand.

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Originally published at on August 15, 2017.

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