Have a dream!

Get Up and Do Something

I just like to come here and ramble random thoughts my brain just wants to spew out. It’s always thinking(duh!) of new stuff, of what I should do next to make my life better and meaningful.

I have dreams!

See, you have a first step. Each and everyone out there should have a dream that they want to pursue, but also can pursue. You can then either give your whole life chasing that dream or take a first step forward towards it.

If you’re not cut out for that shit, you’ll soon realize you’re not having fun with what you’re doing towards your dream and you’ll continue the work you’re doing at the moment and give up your dream.


Keep your dream always alive in you, even though you might have to work some other jobs to make a living, but have a passion and pursue it.

Do something about it.

Have the passion to create and achieve self-made goals.

Sitting idle is a waste of time.

Stand Up now, and Go realize your precious dream!! (or ask yourself if you’re sitting idle reading this post, that have you given you’re 100% to achieve more?)

Cheers! x

Thanks to Casey Neistat for the inspiration for this short post.

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