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We Live to Exist. But Are We Alive ?

We’ve been living on this planet for million of years. We have evolved and gradually learned to not only exist, but co-exist with other life-forms too. We have agreed to follow certain norms and walk along the lines that have been defined by the society. We accept everything we are told when we are young but there comes a time when we can figure out life for ourselves and decide whether, are we trying to exist in this world like everybody else or do we want to be Alive?

Do you want to go about your life, in the same monotonous way each day.

Is this us being ALIVE ?

This is us being forced to jump through a hoop of fire, like a circus tiger, who has to do the same trick day after day for others entertainment. Similarly, we have learned to just exist and complete the set list of duties assigned to us. This is not what we beings are intended to be. We are getting so engrossed in our daily life and stressful work that we are growing apart. This is leading us on the path to darkness. Now only Facebook seems to be the social playground for everyone, that we need empathy emoticons to satisfy our needs.

Facebook Empathy Emojis

Basic human instinct of EMOTION is being left behind with time. Love, compassion, vigor, all these feelings are slowly disappearing from this world. We today notice more trolls than real people trying to be friendly with each other. This is further leading us to be anti-social and feeling insecure in our own skin. This isn’t the mindset that we want to imbibe in the coming generations, is this how we should be living?

Stressed and sad?

Depressed and Broken?


We want to live freely, we want to fly, we want to smile, we want to feel comfortable and at ease in who we are. We should have the power to think creatively and act on those ideas, and go beyond the limits we have set for us.

Love to travel? Go for a cruise!!! Bungee-jumping? :D

Love art and photography? Go out, smile, jump about, take some awesome shots ! Make others smile! :D

Help someone in need of your assistance! Make them feel alive too, be a part of their joy ! :D

Make new friends, cherish old friendships! Be social IRL ! :D

Go out and celebrate the smallest wins! Meet someone new, feel excited to be free! :D

Take risks, break free, work in a STARTUP, or maybe open your own company! hahah! :D

The small message this quote holds for all of us is that you are not bound by anything, you are an individual, you have your own thoughts, you can do whatever you wanna do! There is no limit to it! Be creative and be alive! Hope to be a better and happy person when you wake up the next day! That’s it !

Each new day is a blank page, fill it with memories worth cherishing

I hope you found this interesting and it makes you want to go out and do something different today! Feel at the top of the world, i guess ! :D

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