Bring it on 2017!

From humble beginnings, Pledges for Change has grown into an organization impacting thousands of young people across Canada and around the world. Since 2013, we have launched programs and initiatives that have inspired students to harness their creativity and potential to innovate novel solutions to advance social good in communities globally.

Just about three months before our fourth anniversary, we are excited to enter our next chapter. After a year of planning with our organization’s new team and experienced advisory council, I am proud to unveil a new look and strategic direction for our organization.

Through various consultations with our stakeholders, we realized that it was not simply a lack of accessibility to volunteer opportunities in their community that was the challenge. At the core of this issue was their inability to find meaning through their involvements in the nonprofit sector. So we asked ourselves: how might we be able to change that?

(1) We need to activate and harness the potential for youth to make a difference by motivating them to ideate and implement their solutions for social change, from innovations to actions.

(2) We must collaborate with nonprofit organizations and industry stakeholders to create a more vibrant, youth-friendly volunteer sector that matches their passions and interests.

With this newfound challenge, we readjusted our focus to reflect the needs of our key stakeholders. We envision a world where young people do not only feel empowered to be, but are also recognized as, core contributors to the social wellbeing of our communities. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that each project and program we launch aligns with this simple, yet powerful vision.

We hope that you will join us as we embark on a new journey, as Pledges for Change continues to encourage and support young people to act on the world’s greatest challenges. If you are looking to get involved, send us an email at

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