I’ve kept this blog for more than a year now, and that’s not normal for me, I usually delete my blogs not so long after I create them, because I change a lot.

I like change, I don’t resent it, I embrace it.. I even consider it an asset, and I think you should too.

This day last year I wrote an article and talked about how I wanna become rich and famous one day, well I’m still not rich nor famous.. I’m now 10 times more broke than I was then, and 10 times closer to the edge, and there is no safety net. ^

It has been a crazy year, a lot of great and bad things happened, I bought a motorcycle (again!) and was very happy for a short 2 months then had an accident (again!) and now in the process for selling the bike that I love so much because I need money (again goddamnit!!!), I also was finally able to for the first time to code for a living, just coding and nothing else on the side.. and that to a 17 years old me is a dream come true. But the greatest thing of all, is that I cofounded a company with two of my friends and was able to recruit a group of really smart people, and that is the best thing ever.

Working side by side to smart people is one of the best things in life, they’ll push to become the greatest version of yourself and help you get there, they’ll enable you to think freely without worrying about the how, and help you figure out how later.

In a month with their help we will be able to pass along the knowledge to younger programmers that wanna learn and work, another thing I always wanted to do.. I’m really happy I’m where I’m now, and as usual I have nothing but grand plans for the next year.

I’m now 28 years old, and that of course means nothing because fuck age, except in whisky and vintage motorcycles, but those are two different topics.

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