The Riddle

In our pursuit of this so-called social-attention,connection, we seemed to overlook those who actually deserved it — — at giving our effort, love, and ATTENTION. We seem busied our life at chasing people’s praises, eulogized. But think it twice. You might have trapped in this ‘world full of ruthless people’:
Astounding by false praise ;Fail to connect with them; Make the most of your life in the amidst of people who loved you unconditionally; and, beloved of worldly life. Do you think you have won the game? Nah, you are doing it wrong. It’s not just about winning but if does, then your life to date was a failure,I guess. Don’t trust people because in ‘lies’ mannequin people hides. Stop at achieving things out of other’s expectations. Do it for yourself and your family. Don’t get wrapped up with your friends and specially fake friends because they will leave you in the rug. If not now, then maybe when you are good-for-nothing. Am I getting vindictive… Unfair? because I fail to meet exceptional people, that is why am acting this way?
Don’t worry, I’m talking to myself. Nothing to worry about.
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