Your Path

It can be hard to keep true to who you are and what you believe. Society is constantly trying to make us believe we need to be someone or something we are not. Society says we need to look a certain way and act a certain way and that it is considered “strange” or “abnormal” to live in a way where cultural/religious practice is present.

Your “Path” is the path you walk in your life. This path includes staying to true to who you are as a whole person, every aspect of yourself. You need to focus on what YOU want to live by. This can include something as simple as just being kind to every person that you encounter in your life.

My “Right Path” includes a lot of things that I was taught as a child. The main thing I want to stay true to is displaying kindness throughout my life. Kindness is so powerful. Kindness can heal even the wicked. When someone is proving to be unkind, through actions or words, they are only proving that they need kindness and love the most. I believe that the people who are unkind are the people who lack love in their lives and that is why we should show them kindness even if it may be difficult at times.

Another thing I always want to live by is making sure that I always give before I take. I was taught from a young age that in order to receive good, we need to give good. This can be in many different aspects. For example, our Earth provides us with so much and we need to be thankful and take care of it so She is able to continue to offer us greatness. At the end of the day, what you give is what you get. It may not happen right away, but I strongly believe in Karma.

Finally, I also live by a rule that was strongly taught while growing up and that is to stay humble. I will never forget a quote that I heard from a close Elder, “Stay humble at your highest and hopeful at your lowest”. No one is ever better than anyone. We are all equal souls who need to help each other, not drag each other down.

Until next post,