Great post.
Cate Lawrence

Hi Cate!

I do! I use Asana for staying organized and I have a workflow video of that here: They’ve updated their UI a bit since I did that video, but the core feature set and the way I use it is mostly the same.

You might also look at Streak:

If Asana seems like too much for you, you could potentially set up a funnel for each client and then move things along it as you pitch them/work on them. I think Asana would probably be better (and it’ll scale a lot easier as you grow your business), but either of them should work. (I would recommend Streak either way as I found it super useful for keeping track of all of my pitches when I was scaling up my freelance biz to leave my side job!)

Hope that helps some, LMK if you have any more questions — love to chat about this stuff :)