For many racing fans across the globe, Silverstone is synonymous with Formula 1. The circuit started life as an RAF air station built during the Second World War and in 1950 hosted the very first Formula 1 Grand Prix. The track layout has developed over many years from its original form where it navigated the perimeter roads of the air station to become what it is today.

After the Royal Air Force closed the air station in 1947 Silverstone first hosted the British Grand Prix in 1948. This was on a very different circuit to what was used for the…

With the announcement of Lewis Hamiltons two-year contract extension today I started to think about how long the current drivers had been on the Formula 1 grid for. Taking a look at the known contracts currently held by the drivers I also looked into who we definitely know will be on the grid in the next few seasons.

Originally published at on July 19, 2018.

Does a band need a logo? For a lot of people a brand is just the company/products logo. The image that you see plastered over everything that they produce. But it is different for a band, they interact with their fans differently than a company will with their customers.

First they are selling something that is not really seen. In the digital age with downloads and streaming on the rise you no longer get a physical product. You never get to touch the music that you are listening to. With Vinyl and CD’s you see the album artwork that may…

When you ask someone about London Underground one of the first things that they will mention is the iconic map designed by Harry Beck. ”In 2006 it was named one of Britain’s top three design icons.” (OVENDEN, 2013, p. 153) One can easily say that it could be a top world icon as the map has been copied and redeveloped for many different transport systems all over the world. “To this day Harry beck’s design is the template to underground maps over the world, you can see it every where, its on boxer shorts, its on braces, its all over…


Graphic Designer. Love F1 and many other forms of Motorsport.

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