3 Characteristics that Thriving Teams Have

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Humans. The workplace is filled with them! The ingredients to healthy human relationships are definitely important with people you’ll be spending 8 hours a day with, 5 days a week!

I’ve adapted the Essentials to Thriving Relationships from author, Leslie Vernick, and made them applicable to relationships in the workplace.

Ask yourself if your workplace has people and teams with the following characteristics below…you may just discover the real reason why some teams are more successful than others.

1. Mutuality

Do the people your work environment uphold honesty with one another? Do they care about each other, respect each other, take responsibility for their roles and accept and give feedback for the sake of growth and positive change?

2. Reciprocity

Simon Sinek recently released his book, “Leaders Eat Last,” to emphasize the difference between someone who’s simply in authority versus someone who’s a true leader.

Are the authority figures in your workplace also leaders? What about the people on your team? Is your boss or are your teammates giving demands or are they serving each other and those in their influence (are they willing to get their hands dirty)? Do they openly receive feedback? Do those who follow their leadership respect, appreciate, and actively respond to their input?

3. Freedom

Is everyone encouraged to contribute their ideas and concerns to the direction of a project or task or are they only told what to do / do what their told? Are people encouraged to grow and flourish in their skills and gifts? Are they enthusiastic about doing so? Do you and your coworkers feel comfortable in your own skin and are you able to let your hair down and let your personality shine?

What are some examples of these characteristics you see happening in your workplace and how has it contributed to your company’s success?

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