7 Qualities of an Effective Advertiser

Millions of expensive ads get ignored everyday.

Predicting the effectiveness of an ad is almost impossible. Even to the greatest of marketers, there’s mystery and awe behind videos and memes that go viral on the Internet.

If predicting ad success were possible, there would be agencies solely in the business of making viral videos. Making only #1 best-selling books would also be big business (and we won’t go into politics and honest rating systems in this blog post).

Business persons who are ready to boost sales must first take the risk of deciding to advertise and then increase their chances of seeing results by hiring an effective advertiser.

Impressive portfolios and track records hold weight, but knowing the qualities of an effective advertiser can help a business person hire the right agency confidently.

Finding the Right Advertiser for Your Business

Want to reach the heart of your audience and get chosen amidst the noisy world of ordinary ads?

Before you commit to advertising your service, product, or brand, read these 7 qualities to look for in an effective advertiser:

1. Conviction

Look for an advertiser with the conviction to sell your product no matter what medium or platform they use to get your message to the masses.

Effective advertisers are intuitive and artistic, but they shouldn’t be “prima donnas” who aren’t taking your success into consideration. For a business, it’s still about the bottom line and rightfully should be!

Great advertisers also understand their craft and believe in their work.

If you’re having a hard time letting go of an idea that they don’t agree with, don’t be surprised if they give you a little pushback and stick to their convictions on what they believe is the right message for your product or service.

Remember, they’re the experts at what they do just like you’re the expert at what you do.

2. Artistry

You can’t measure interesting. Ever walk through an art museum with a friend and realize you may both gravitate to different pieces, at the same time both wonder how in the world some art ever becomes famous?

An artist has a unique ability to connect with the human soul and this can’t be taught.

Art comes in many forms — there’s even an art to how a scientist does what he or she does well.

It’s mysterious, immeasurable, and sometimes suspicious. But it’s completely human, different, and it grabs the attention of those it will resonate with the most — that’s what every business person wants to achieve when finding the right buyer.

3. Detailed Knowledge of the Product

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of the “elevator pitch.” Creating a concise, effective pitch for those elevator moments requires intimate and thorough knowledge of their business.

Apple products almost sell themselves these days, but without intimate knowledge of product design and user experience, any advertisement would remain disconnected from both the product and the audience. The message would be cold, bland, and lack creativity at best.

4. Honesty

Of course, no one wants to work with a dishonest person. And this is exactly why you need an advertiser who’ll be honest about your product in your ads.

Honesty in advertisements should naturally follow intimate knowledge of the product.

Gimmicks, tricks, and marketing ploys might catch attention, but they likely won’t sell your product and generate repeat customers who want to be a part of what you do.

A commercial advertising Beats by Dre, featuring Serena Williams, is honest about what the product does. The artistry and humanness of the message leaves you feeling connected to Serena’s experience and easily imagining one similar for yourself.

5. Influence

If you believe your product or service deserves a place in the market and that it has the power to improve lives, don’t settle for the status quo.

An excellent advertiser has the ability and desire to influence and promote different — and better — thinking in the world.

Marketing research can drive product development, but it can also distract us from innovative thinking.

American ad legend, Bill Bernbach, said,

“Research can be dangerous. It should give you facts and not make judgments for you. … We are too busy measuring public opinion that we forget we can mold it.”

6. Intuition

Mere logic will rob us of change, progress, and increased effectiveness.

A desirable advertiser is self-aware, knows how to sense a potentially good (or bad) thing down in their gut, and knows that he doesn’t (and can’t) know everything!

If an advertiser has good intuition then she can better tap into the emotions of your audience and their intuitive response to your ads.

7. Perception

Lastly, closely following intuition is perception. An advertiser should have an understanding of how your audience reads or listens so as to create a message in the right context.

Essentially, your advertiser should have a good perception of your audience’s perception!

Overall, creativity, in the purest definition of the word, is at the core of an advertiser worth hiring.