How to Sell a Cardboard Box

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I recently purchased an Oristand —a “truly affordable stand up desk.” It’s made out of cardboard and can be seen as impressive or as a glorified moving box.

I thought it was impressive after seeing it on TechCrunch. I’m saving my back, saving some money (because who has time to engineer a box to look decent and operate as a stand up desk??), saving space (it folds up easily), and saving the environment (because boxes are made out of paper and paper is recyclable).

My sarcastic colleagues laugh at my box. To be honest, I haven’t had the need to use it since I bought it (it’s folded up neatly under my desk). Which is a good thing. I bought it for those days my back is in pain and I wish to stand while working. But I haven’t had any pain lately.

As a copywriter, I am intrigued by the idea of selling a cardboard box. A co-worker, knowing my new affinity towards innovative standing desk solutions made out of material easily found in Wal-Mart dumpsters or neighbors’ recycling bins, sent me a link to Refold. Refold is a complete desk that converts into a sitting or standing desk and can be taken anywhere. And yes, it’s made out of cardboard.

What copywriter doesn’t want the challenge to make a cardboard box sound amazing?

Look at this genius.

Mediocre copy would have said: You can draw on it!

Exceptional copy says: The desk is a canvas.

A desk made out of cardboard? You might also be thinking, “ok, it’s a standing desk, but can I stand on it?” Or maybe you were just wondering if it would hold your laptop.

Come on, you never used a moving box as a dinner table before? Of course it will hold your laptop!

Yes, you can even stand on the Refold desk. This copywriter read your mind. This desk made out of a box is stronger than you think…depending on how you use it.

(don’t let your kids run with scissors, and definitely don’t let them run towards your Refold desk with them)

And in case you weren’t sure…cardboard is still recyclable folks. If you’ve ever put your Amazon shipping boxes in the recycle bin, you can also put the Refold desk in there. But why would you ever want to dispose of this beauty?

Wait…you might also be wondering, “Is this…local?” Yes, yes it is my hipster friends, of New Zealand.

I need a bumper sticker that says “Rather be working on my affordable, cardboard standing desk on the rolling hills of New Zealand at sunset.”

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