Is React a Framework?

Is React the all new, shiny answer to every JavaScript developers needs?

JavaScript is renowned for having new plugins, endless frameworks all being created by its community on a daily if not hourly basis! That in itself is testament as to why the JS community is so thriving and becoming one of the biggest.

“What an attractive solution all round.

So in steps React, lots of hype lots of BIG companies now using it. Everyone keeps comparing it to <input framework> and how it handles the view so much more elegantly, faster… Hold on React can’t do this and that but <input framework> can!!

React simply,
a framework,

“let’s get everybody on board

At my place of work we have a lot of greatly coded Ruby on Rails code. So let’s get everybody on board and rebuild our whole project/app in JavaScript with <input framework> ? I’m sure you’d get an unanimous “HELL NO”.

“You can still have your backend guys happy

If you buy into React you’re not buying into a Framework which likes to control every aspect. You can still have your backend guys happy. Maybe they can experiment with making their code base become more of an API that can feed to React for it to deal with the view.

“Frameworks are great and they have their place.

I’d just rather not be known as a <input framework> developer and instead be a Javascript developer. That’s not saying Frameworks aren’t great and you are not less a JS developer for using one. Really great JS developers use and build Frameworks.

“opinionated Framework beliefs

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λ for the good