The Zeroth Harvey Mudd Mystery Marathon

We five mystery makers (Celena Chen, Jon Hayase, Cole Kurashige, Ricky Shapley, and Brandon Wada) were brought together by a shared interest in solving puzzles. We wanted to make our own puzzle hunt, inspired by hunts we had done in the past, like the MIT Mystery Hunt and Galactic Puzzle Hunt. When we first decided on hosting a puzzle hunt some months ago, we only had a name and aspirations.

A view of the zeroth HMMM.

Interlude: What is a Puzzle?

An example puzzle, whose premise involves identifying pictures and finding numbers spelled out in their names.

The First Harvey Mudd Mystery Marathon

The first HMMM had spontaneous origins. I was sitting in the lounge of my dorm, passing time between problem sets, when a friend of mine asked me when I would be hosting a puzzle hunt. “Uhhh, how about dead week?” I responded. Dead week, for context, is the week before finals when there is no class.

A view from inside Shanahan 3481 the day of the puzzle hunt.
The event organizers answering hints. Left-to-right: Cole, Celena, Ricky.

More Pictures of the First HMMM

Team flirtypotato hard at work.
A student entrenched in thought.
Team Teamricky, our one solo team. His name is actually Jacky.
A puzzle-solving pause.
Part of team Theoishisname (second place) discussing a puzzle.
Team Mr. E and the Bozos poses for a picture.
Team Team #ReliveTheDream. Yes, their team name has “Team” in it.
Half of team Donut Play on the Tracks (first place) demonstrating their puzzle-solving prowess for the camera.
Team 322C, named for their future room number.
Team Showersuite, named for (some of) their current rooms.
Teams working adjacent to our ample supplies of fruit and non-fruit snacks.
Team teamricky learns that HMMM is nothing to sneeze at.



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