Changing Your Digital Storefront Can Increase Traffic

Forbes, in my opinion, is doing a nice job of taking stories that could be hidden in “sections” of the website and bringing them to the front.

This simple grid / blog layout allows readers to see a featured image and a few lines of the article, all while, pointing you back to home base, I’m sure they are seeing increased traffic on certain pages that needed it. Having a basic understanding of analytics can help your business place quality content in front of the right audience — at the right time.

Standard Google Analytics (GA) Screenshot

I’ve always compared Google Analytics to the floor plan of a home. Imagine that you’re building a custom home and you place the master bathroom by the front door. Sure, some people will like it but most will not. Now think of your website. You (or someone you’ve trusted) has decided what images go where and what specific content says and where it all leads to, or doesn’t. It’s all for waste, if you’re not reviewing the data to see what the people are doing once they enter your website. Are they leaving? Is your audience loyal or is most of your traffic new? Are people coming into a specific page and not “poking around” to see other sections, articles or images on your website?

Ask yourself, has your company built a custom website……and left the master bath by the front door?

Take time to learn more in 2017. Ask around and connect with a trusted partner that can help you make heads or tails of this information. The good news, although very noisy, the marketing landscape to grab share of voice is much greater than ever before. With planning and solid, unrelenting execution, we all have the opportunity to move our brand forward.