Your website probably falls into 2 categories

Validation Centers or Conversion Centers

Websites are not meant to be complicated. I’ve been in meetings where the developer talks circles around the client and it turns them off. I’ve also been in meetings where the client wanted the basic of basic websites and the commission-hungry sales person couldn’t stop talking long enough to hear them.

Take a piece of paper out and start writing down what you want people to know about your products or services. Make a list of the images that you currently have that you want to represent you and your business, add videos to that list. Reach out to your network and ask for a referral for a web devleoper. Someone will reply. If they don’t, ask again and don’t just ask on Facebook. Post on Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Write down sites that you really like and ones that you really don’t. Reach out to a couple of developers and share that list with them. Make sure and bring a computer and easily reference your likes and dislikes. Sometimes, business owners are waiting for the “web experts” to read their minds. I find that spoon feeding exactly what you want to a referred contractor will help you create the site you want for the budget you have and it helps to clearly set expectations.

Watch this

Questions you should ask:

— Please share sites that you’ve developed, so I can see some of your work

— Can you make recommendations on the new site based on Google Analytic’s history of our current site?

— Are you a web designer as well? If not, do you have a trusted designer that you use on projects like this?

— How long will it take to have Beta (testable, clickable version of the website)?

— When can you start on this project and how long are you estimating it will take?

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