Day One 2

For a long time Day One has held a spot on my iPhone home screen. It has always been a well designed app, and like many, I have aspired to keep a daily journal to hold on to those fleeting thoughts and ideas I have throughout the day.

…And, like many, I have failed to write in my journal on a daily, or even semi-consistent basis. 🙈

Day One was a great app, clearly made with great care and love. So even if I didn’t use it regularly, I kept it on my home screen and my Dock as a reminder — and sometimes that worked, but mostly it didn’t.

But all was not lost. Even if I didn’t use Day One regularly, I did find it useful for certain tasks.

Over the past few years, Day One is where I have kept my “Developer Journal”. Whenever I start a large refactor, complicated bug fix, or any nebulous development task that I may need to explain later, I open up Day One and start taking notes. I used to do this with plain text notes, but I found Day One to be the perfect place for this type of content — specific time, specific context.

This has been immensely useful for me professionally… but I wanted to get more out of this great app.

With the release of Day One 2, it finally clicked for me. The new design and features immediately drew me back in. Most notably, adding support for multiple journals really opens up possibilities and make the app feel “bigger” and more capable.

The added flexibility has allowed me to add more types of content. Basically, I’m using it more as a general purpose notebook.

I have a journal for my developer notes, and I have one for my personal thoughts. I have a journal specifically for my blog post ideas (where I am composing this right now) and I keep another for a side project.

Another great new feature is the ability to add multiple photos to each note, which has opened up even more interesting use cases (I will be writing about one of those very soon).

Did I mention there is now a channel for Day One on IFTTT?

Day One really has become my go-to place for notes of any kind now, and as a result, I am journaling more. Just having a single place to jot down my thoughts is liberating — enabling me to write more than I have in quite a few years.

Day One for iOS
Day One for Mac

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