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I’m sure you were wondering if this was a gospel post, well kind of because I’ll be preaching finance gospel with this post.

It happened that i was invited to speak at a webinar session during the lockdown, the webinar session was meant for young entrepreneurs and the topic i addressed was the Creative ways to save and invest as an Entrepreneur and I’ll like to share the contents of my slides.

Money, like we’ve always heard, is the root of all
E (Earnings)
V (Valuation)
I (Interests)
L (Ladder strategy)
S (Savings & Investment) and truly it is😁.

So let’s take it one letter at a time to learn about the creative ways to save and invest as entrepreneurs. …

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Looking at how stressful it is to make money, controlling, and managing it shouldn’t be a bottleneck.

So since we launched Corpreneur, we have been looking and testing for better ways to step up our customers’ experience and most importantly help them manage their finances and create ways to help them grow their business to earn more.

Based on a series of surveys, customer feedback, and product research, we have categorized the features of Corprenuer App into two; Corpreneur Personal and Corpreneur Business

With Corpreneur Personal, you can save, invest, pay bills, transfer money, receive payments, perform ATM cardless withdrawals, and generate your own Corpreneur Account number. …

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Before NYSC, did you ever plan that you were going to stick to a budget and save at least ₦5, 000 to start something or learn a skill or write some professional courses? Cos I’ve been there and I realized the ₦19, 800 allawee could only see me through till FG pays the following month.

But now that FG has increased NYSC Allawee from ₦19, 800 to ₦33, 000, the difference in amount is enough to set you up after NYSC. …



A platform built with the highest level of security that helps you manage and control your finances seamlessly as well as grow your business to earn more money

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