Why EdTech Sucks
Graham Brown-Martin

“We’ll soon have driverless cars so why not driverless classrooms. Stock options all round Tarquin”

This sums up so many sectors and industries right now. It’s a scary thought that people will be replaced with a box of electrodes and wires to gain an ‘experience’ be that driving and car, ordering a meal or building a new home.

Call me old school but working with people, be they big adults or little children is the lifeblood of humanity. We pass on stories and learn from one another. We interact, we make new acquaintances and friends.

You’ve penned a beautiful article here Graham and I am totally with you on EdTech. The quicker we open the doors on the money makers and reveal their greed to get rich instead of enriching the lives of those needing EdTech for educational purposes, the better.

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