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  • Grant Boland

    Grant Boland

    Ottawa issues and sports. Public transit. Labour and environment. Yoga and ethical food.

  • Alexander Cohen

    Alexander Cohen

    Engineering stuff at FB

  • Gene Crucean

    Gene Crucean

    CTO / iOS Developer / Photographer / Forex day trader / Racer of anything I can throw a leg over or climb into

  • mira!… un Belman

    mira!… un Belman

    If you don’t ask, the answer is always no

  • Applingua


    Applingua provides translations for growing tech companies that offer products and services internationally

  • Douglas Beal

    Douglas Beal

    instagram, g+ dougbeal

  • Dipesh Parashar

    Dipesh Parashar

  • Rebecca `Slatkin` Sloane

    Rebecca `Slatkin` Sloane

    Mobile Software Engineer

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