Publish interactive historical documents with Archivist

Archivist Writer

Platform overview

Archivist Writer

  • reference entities inside text
  • mark any piece of text as related to some set of terms from an ontology-tree
  • insert timecodes to synchronize text with media source
  • leave comments for any piece of text for editors/researches collaboration
  • describe the document’s metadata
Archivist Writer
Tagging in Archivist: KZ Buchenwald entity reference (left), assigning subjects to text fragment (right)

Archivist Managers

Archivist managers: definitions manager (left), map view of toponyms manager (center), subjects manager — strict ordered ontology tree (right)
  • count how often an entity or subject is mentioned in the full corpus of documents
  • see in which documents entities or subjects were mentioned and jump inside to see where exactly they were referenced
  • merge any entities or subjects: in this case the system will replace every reference inside your archive with the desired one
  • in the same way you can remove entities or subjects: they will removed from all documents automatically
  • The search index will be updated on all of those operations

Archivist Browser

Archivist Browser: combining ontology tree facets with full-text search (left), KZ Mauthausen entity overview (right)

Archivist Reader

Archivist Reader: jump to media source from fragments (left), highlighting of political repressions topic in the whole document (center), highlighting mentions of Seebach toponym in the whole document

Map Browser

Archivist Map Browser: main view (left), location details view (right)

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Daniel Beilinson

Daniel Beilinson

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