It’s time for modern wellness to evolve a little.

Recently, at 40, I took up smoking.

Don’t commit to a full scoff just yet; I am a functional adult and my habit is conservatively siloed. It happens a few times a week, when I take my dog — a sensitive, serious-minded, aging Rhodesian Ridgeback — to a mostly-abandoned children’s park in the post-industrial part of town informally governed by Sacramento’s transient population.

The abandoned aspect is crucial for us. My dog unilaterally doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs, and after years of flailing after successful socialization and dozens of…

A story about introversion, computer programming, and mistakes.

There are a number of things that don’t come naturally to me, but let me tell you — being an introvert is not one of them.

I’ve faced a battery of Meyers-Briggs personality tests over the years, and am proud to say I consistently demolish my competition on the “happier-alone-than-at-party” questions. Whatever my errant phases, I inevitably return to being the kind of fellow who finds camping alone in a desert to be a great use of vacation time.

Well, here’s one thing about us shy folks: we always choose DIY approaches over dealing with other people, no matter how…

Both Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein outspokenly believed artists made the best technicians. Does this belief hold up for the rest of us?

Photo by thejapanesehouse

Big transitions, no matter how clean or absolute, always leave a residue.

In my twenties, my day job was being a musician. Half of my life was spent touring the country, and the other half was spent in California recording studios producing records. I had no idea I would one day write code.

My conception of “programming” at the time was probably something akin to data entry, but maybe in a neon-lit basement with a large bottle of Mountain Dew and the Chemical Brothers on repeat. To be honest, it sounded mostly like carpal tunnel syndrome to me and my…

Dave Middleton

Digital creative. Programming, data, design, and humans. The technical through an emotional lens, and vice versa.

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