Creating the Coachella VR Viewer

I am so proud to have worked on the Coachella VR Viewer as part of the 2016 Coachella Welcome Package for Goldenvoice. We are bringing virtual reality to the mainstream with 360º panoramic views and immersive concert experiences. Over 100,000 viewers have been distributed. This Coachella VR thing has been written about all over the place.

Viewer with nice big 36mm lenses.

This design required the viewer to fit flat in our ticket box. There’s a few good viewers on the market but none of them really did the trick and packed flat. It was clear that we had to create our own. I came up with a two-piece flatpack viewer that builds into a viewer that I believe is one of the best out there.

Exploded view of phone with Coachella VR App, viewer-wrap and viewer-body.

There was a need to make a stop motion animation to demonstrate how the viewer is assembled. Doing traditional stop motion requires rigging the viewer in a ways that seemed nearly impossible for this type of build.

It was best to use my 3D skills to animate it. Here it is.

Video: Coachella VR Viewer animation

Thanks to Goldenvoice for believing in the idea early on. Trev, Mike, Artie & Greg at the printshop, and to our partners for helping me prototype. Gopi, Raymond and the content team at Goldenvoice for thinking up and delivering some dope experiences. And last but not least, massive shoutout to the app developers at for glueing it all together.

Can’t wait to check out the experiences you guys deliver after the festival.

Side note: I’ve noticed questions about if we got the idea from a TV show on IFC. I’ve never watched Portlandia, so NO I didn’t get the idea from there. Funny enough though, I did see Fred Armisen at a shopping mall while out in Indio like two years ago.