The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

This is where I had felt like I had to stop and write a response, because I whole-heartedly disagree with this sentiment.

“This commercial is the worst type of propaganda. It tricks you into thinking social problems can be resolved if only people tolerate their oppression just a LITTLE while longer. It pushes the idea that bigotry, sexism, and transphobia are just differences of opinion that are up for debate, and deserving of civil discourse and equal consideration.”

This is where I feel a lot of so-called “woke” people get it wrong. A conversation is not tolerance, it’s part of re-educating and helping people understand why their views may be harmful. If you shut down conversation and the very basics of communication with a wall of smugness, no one will listen to you. Same thing if you insult another person’s views right off the bat without engaging in empathy.

Modern liberals seem to think by shouting down those whom have oppressive views and sitting on a high-horse of moral superiority that their opponents are somehow going to have an epiphany. That’s not how human interaction, nor conflict resolution works. Multiple studies have shown that insulting someone’s views causes them to defend those views even harder. This closes both the lines of communication and any chance you had at actually getting through to them.

This is how certain bigots get into power, because we were too busy looking down and calling their supporters “idiots”, to actually sit down with them and have an open dialogue. More times than not, bigotry is an educational and empathy problem. By not offering the former and shunning the latter, we are being just like them.

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