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Apr 13, 2017 · 4 min read

We all know people in our lives that seem to have it all. They have a great career or business, their relationships are rock solid, and they are fit and healthy. They seem to have it all because they have achieved balance most us do not have. How do these people achieve this?

Some of you reading this may have never thought about balance, beyond work/life balance. That is, not getting too busy and stressed at work so your family does not suffer, and fulfilling both responsibilities. What if I told you that you can delve deeper, a lot deeper, into other areas of your life you may not even realize needed the same type of nurturing.

Let me introduce you to the Nine Pillars of Life and Wheel of Life

The Nine Pillars are how the website is structured. We hope to introduce you to techniques and practices that you can use to enhance all of these areas of your life.

First though, a disclaimer. I did not invent the Nine Pillars or the Wheel of Life. I have copied it from things that I have read but also adapted it to my purposes. You may also see a different version of the Nine Pillars, sometimes the nine pillars are only four (health, wealth, love and happiness) or twelve where some of the pillars are broken down further. For example, relationships might be split into love relationships and friendships.

I have decided that The Nine Pillars are a good compromise between the two, with just the right amount of granularity.

Introducing The Nine Pillars

The following are nine areas of your life that you could drastically improve with a bit of intention. Your overall life and your perception of the world could change by focussing a bit of attention on them.

  1. Career — Whether you are working for a salary or out on your own. Are you happy getting up in the morning to do what you do, and also feel a sense of purpose or accomplishment?
  2. Contribution — How do you give back to other individuals, your community or society as a whole?
  3. Environment — The environment you live in is very important as you need to be in control of the effect people and things around you have, whether at work or home
  4. Financial — How much control do you have over your finances? Are you setting yourself up for independence or with passive income? Do you buy impulsively and frivolously?
  5. Fun — Is intentional fun part of your life? Do you plan your fun and recreation to enjoy life’s experiences fully?
  6. Health — Do you have a fit, strong and healthy body? Do you smoke, drink too much and get very little exercise? Although this is listed as pillar number six, this is the foundation pillar. If you don’t have control over this aspect of your life then everything else suffers.
  7. Growth — How are you growing yourself intellectually and emotionally? Do you strive to be constantly learning, either with books or courses? Do you want to be a better person tomorrow than you were today?
  8. Relationships — How are your relationships with those that are closest to you? If you are a parent, do you think you are teaching your children the best path in life? Are you leading by example?
  9. Spirituality — For some, this means a connection with some form of God. For me, it means meditation and other practices to make my mind more calm and organized.

So have you ever done an assessment of how you are tracking in these types of areas of your life? I am guessing the large majority of the population have not. Most people would traverse through life, working, raising kids and probably reacting to problems in these areas, rather than proactively controlling them.

The Wheel of Life

One way to do a quick baseline of where you are at is to complete a Wheel of Life. The below diagram is an example of the Wheel of Life.

Credit goes to

The Wheel of Life shown above is an example only. You can use that, or the Nine Pillars described above. Here is a link to a blank template with credit going to Mind Tools.

How to Complete the Wheel of Life

Step 1 — Print the blanks template or draw your own version of the Wheel of Life.

Step 2 — Honestly assess your satisfaction in each of the areas of your life. Use a 1–5 scale or a 1–10, it doesn’t matter.

Step 3 — Assess. You can even draw a line between each area. Is the line round or does it skew in certain places? You should be able to see the areas of your life that need a bit of work.

Alternatively, you can get some help with your assessment by completing this short quiz.

Nine Pillars and Wheel of Life quiz

Look out each week on as we discuss each of the Nine Pillars in detail, and how you can look to improve.

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