integrates with Apple Healthkit health records!

At we are building a predictive model development platform with our ecosystem of data collection and prediction tools. Our unique approach of using OMICS data to power these predictive models using consumer opt-ins will allow to power data trials that have not been feasible in the past.

Entire user experience with Apple HealthKit in app, pushed in private beta today

Today we are excited to announce we have successfully integrated Apple’s health records in our mobile app.

Apple has been working diligently with providers and hospitals to make it incredibly easy for consumers to bring their medical records on to their phone. They have built legitimate partnerships with 39 hospital systems (over 1000 hospitals), and we expect this list will quickly grow. Apple’s vision of consumer ownership and consumer control of health data is consistent with our principles of decentralizing health data.

We have integrated Healthkit health records, which can read the user’s CCDs when the user grants the permission, have it parsed via our platform using our Importer Framework, and displayed back to the user with relevant insights.

Most importantly — all of this is open source that you can use it in your app if you like, and even contribute to making it better!

Importer Framework
The HealthKit CCD parser is built using our importer framework which allows for quick development of integrating a new health source ( devices, apps, EHR’s, etc).

If you are interested in contributing, we wrote about this in our previous post here, you can find our code for the Healthkit CCD integration on mobile app: (awaiting pull request) and more code here .

You can improve this by adding FHIR parser. FHIR is the interoperability standard we stand behind. We are going to talk more about our FHIR initiatives in subsequent posts, so stay tuned on this

Our entire framework allows you to take raw (and sometimes messy) data from these sources and normalize them as OMICS data. You can learn more about OMICS data here.

The fundamental principle that guides what we do at is to ensure that a user is in charge of their health data. To provide this guarantee, we are continuing to build our ecosystem so that the data can eventually only be in once place — user’s phone. We have talked about this in one of our earlier post here. Apple’s health records is a BIG win in this direction allowing us to build trust with our users.

This new release is pushed today!

We ‘re pushing an update in the private beta today and this includes:

  • New importers including Apple HealthKit Health Records mentioned above
  • The option to use the “Selfie to BMI” as much as you want, and train your AI even more.
  • Minor bugs fixes you’ve reported

Our waiting list to access our private beta is growing every day and we’re giving a few more hundred accesses today. We intend to make our beta public early this Summer, with more features and improvements.
If you haven’t requested your access to use the beta and join our community, you can still do it below. team